Red Sparrow (2018) Neue link: 2018/03/20 Views: 6460 Länge: 140 min IMDB rating: 6.8 Uploaded: 2018/03/20 Red Sparrow 2018 | January 2014 | Bananowy doktor / Royal Pains
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Scott and Allison are making out in a school bus, the adrenaline rush making Scott turn into a werewolf. He proceeds to attack Allison. Later at school, Scott talks with Stiles, revealing that the attack was a dream. As they walk out of the school, they see a bus, the emergency escape door hanging from a hinge, bloodied. Scott worries that it wasn't a dream and that he actually killed Allison, but is relieved to see Allison alive and well. While in class, Scott and Stiles see the real victim, torn up, though still alive, from the bus attack being wheeled to the ambulance. Scott then tells Stiles he must have attacked the bus driver. Scott sees pictures of the driver's intense wounds at the vet's office, where he works. Worried, he turns to Derek for help on controlling his inner wolf. Derek agrees ...


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